The first step to organize any kitchen is to have only those gadgets which are really useful. There are many gadgets or kitchen tools that we only keep in the cabinet or cupboard and never use it. Such tools unnecessarily occupy precious kitchen space and make it difficult to do day to day chores. The second thing to keep in mind is to have tools that are multipurpose and occupy less space. The one such tool is egg slicer. Its a perfect kitchen tool that slices not only egg, but also plenty of other vegetable and fruits like mushroom, olive and buttter. Its also small that can be easily store in any kitchen cabinet and occupy less counter space when in use.
Egg Slicer
Egg slicers are best and simple tool consist of two parts. The bottom part consist of egg shaped hollow that holds the boiled egg, the upper part consist of thin steel wires. To use the egg slicer, simply bring down the upper wired part to bottom where the hard boiled egg is kept. The egg slicer cuts the egg into perfect even slices.

I always loved this litte kitchen tool and use it quite often. I always felt that this tool is longed to be used more often than just once or twice a month. When I was a teenager, I use to plead with my mom to let me use the egg slicer and when sometime my mother allows me to use it. I use to feel extremely happy as if I had done something great.

I am planning to dedicate this blog in helping out the readers to organize their homelife in an effective way. I always find it interesting in sharing the various methods and techniques that have worked wonderfully with me. And also those techniques which failed or didn’t worked out as I expected. This will be helpful and save your considerable amount of time to get organized in your busy life.

There are lots of planners that are easily available over the decades, but most of them are not effective. They lack the commitment and also fell short of the required skills. Lots of planners are geared toward school classrooms for many children, not homeschools for a few children at different grade levels. Here on this blog you will find many free downloadable ebooks that will greatly help you to organize home, kitchen, your daily meals, list of kitchen gadgets, healthy recipes and much more. Cooking delicious and healthy food is my passion and I think its very important for a mother to know about this to keep the family healthy. I will share lots of my favorite recipes, so don’t miss out.

I believe every individual is born with some talents and he or should utilize that gifted ability or talent to full. Rejoice, have fun and get organized!